• Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit technical dive computer

    $1,100.00 $869.99

    Freedom Closed Circuit is a higher version of DIVESOFT technical diving computers. It includes all features from previous versions, plus CCR on-line decompression with three oxygen cells connection possibility, constant PO2 decompression algorithm. All for nitrox and helium diluent mixtures and up to 9 off-board/bail-out gases.

    Freedom displays are protected by protector display overlay.

    The Divesoft Freedom CCR can be connected to a rebreather with the included O2 sensor cable. One, two or three O2 sensors can be connected. The average pO2 value can be read on the primary screen and detailed information about each sensor, including sensor voltage, can be accessed via a separate screen. Fixed setpoint and SCR modes for different types of rebreathers are also available.

    Freedom Closed Circuit contents:

    - Freedom Closed Circuit computer
    - O2 cells connection cable
    - USB charger
    - bungee gum
    - fastening strap or fastening strap for dry suit
    - silicon protective sleeve