Trimix Scuba Diver Class

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The TDI Trimix course provides the training required to competently and safely utilize breathing gases containing helium for dives that require staged decompression, utilizing nitrox and/or oxygen mixtures during decompression to a maximum depth of 200 feet (50 meters). The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures of utilizing custom oxygen-helium-nitrogen mixtures as breathing gases. Gas mixes are not to have any less than 18 percent oxygen (O2).

TDI Trimix Scuba Diver Class is offered in a group setting. Classes are available year round.

Class Includes:

  • Instruction
  • Classroom sessions
  • Certification processing

Who this course is for:

  • The certified Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures diver looking to:
    • Extend their depth range
    • Reduce narcosis for all deep dives
    • Advance their technical diving education

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Minimum certification of TDI Advanced Nitrox AND Decompression Procedures Diver, or equivalent
  • Proof of 100 logged dives

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